My name is Katrin Rutschmann, born 1978. In the end of 2001 I have received my diploma at the university of applied sciences
in Wädenswil as an engineer in biotechnology. Now, I'm working
in the lab at
Dualsystems Biotech AG in Zurich.

My biggest hobby are my cats and my chinchillas.
I like doing handicrafts, reading, going out with friends, seeing
a film, doing my homepages as well as the webadministration
www.snowvalley.ch. If it's possible I like to go travelling.

Our cats live as family member together with us. In our house
they can go whereever they want. Now, we have also a
catrun in the garden, where the cats can go all the time.

I'm a member of following cat clubs:

Rassenkatzenverein Ostschweiz (RKVO)
Swiss Skogkatt


Family picture - wedding of my brother and Silvia
Katrin Rutschmann, CH-8955 Oetwil a.d. Limmat, Tel. +41 43 455 59 63